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Ethical AI Governance Platform

We are a one-stop-shop for Ethical AI

Since 2018, we have created an insight engine with a unique methodology for screening, assessing, mitigating, auditing and reporting exposure to ethical risk in AI solutions. This is provided on one coherent platform.

The platform enables a cross-organizational orchestration for ethical AI. This means activating several functions in your organization to ensure that your AI solutions are compliant to upcoming EU regulation and conform to your organizational values.

Going beyond “symptoms” to root causes of AI ethical pitfalls, we help you create a frictionless highway in your organization to implement AI and achieve faster market acceptance.

Users of the platform are members of the tech/AI team, the risk/legal/compliance team and/or business/product owners. The offerings on the platform can be used independent of AI maturity or phase in the AI lifecycle, and across industries.

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