AI and Equality in Public Administration- a report by anch.AI and the Swedish Gender Equality Authority.

Oct 2022

The Swedish Gender Equality Agency (Jämställdhetsmyndigheten) and anch.AI have completed a pilot project called “AI and gender equality in the public sector”. In this report, a framework was tested on testbeds from the Social Insurance Agency and the Swedish Tax Agency to screen for gender inequality in AI applications. The project has been done based […]

EAIGG Annual Report

Oct 2022

Great contributions from our Founder Anna Felländer to the EAIGG annual report along with a number of practitioners from enterprise, startup, policy and investment. Deployment of #AI has numerous advantages and it is simply revolutionary, however an ungoverned AI can be costly, financially and reputation wise. In this report the aim is to help and […]

PS Dagens: Hög tid att accelerera hållbar AI

Sep 2022

Utan rätt styrning av AI öppnas dörren för oavsiktliga kostsamma etiska och legala övertramp, som diskriminering, integritetskränkningar och social exkludering. Att redovisa hållbar och ansvarsfull AI behöver bli lika självklart som att redovisa miljömässig hållbarhet. Det säger Josefin Rosén på SAS Institute och Anna Felländer på anch.AI, experter på AI-etik. Full article: Hög tid att […]

Under Femton podcast with Anna Felländer on Ethical AI

Jul 2022

In the 338th episode of the “Under 15” podcast, Henric Smolak is visited by AI expert and anch.AI’s Founder Anna Felländer. In the episode, they discuss ethical AI and why the need to govern technology as it increasingly takes over our lives and societies. The full podcast is here or on Spofity  

Discussing anch.AI with EU Commission’s Executive Vice President for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager

Jun 2022

Founder Anna Felländer discussing with EU Commission’s Executive Vice President for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age Margrethe Vestager the importance of cross functional governance on the anch.AI platform in order to comply to upcoming EU regulation on AI

“Digital World: Artificial Intelligence” Annual Event- the British National Standardization Institute (BSI)

May 2022

On Thursday May 26th, at the British National Standards Body (BSI) event on #AI, founder Anna Felländer spoke about the role of #artificialintelligence in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Data Innovation Summit 2022- Anna Felländer speaking about responsible AI

May 2022

Anna Felländer‘s presentation in the #datasummit2022 where she speaks about:  Ungoverned AI risks such as privacy intrusion, discrimination, disinformation and lost autonomy, Ethical risks and legal breaches resulting from ungoverned AI, such as data bias, mis-use/over-use of data and AI, immature data and creator’s bias,  EU regulation on AI, expected in 2024 and requiring AI reporting and […]

Sustainable AI as a component in ESG

Dec 2021

In December 2021, Anna Felländer and Swedish MEP Jörgen Warborn hosted a roundtable talk on Sustainable AI as a Component in ESG. Guest speakers: Olivia Gambelin, Founder and CEO, Ethical Intelligence Giovanni Leoni, Digital Ethics, IKEA Range

GATE Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Forum

Dec 2021

The forum aims to share exciting scientific results and technological achievements, present diverse perspectives, create opportunities to connect to the research and innovation community and encourage new collaborations. Founder Anna Felländer joined the panel discussion on trustworthy, explainable and ethical AI.

CDAO Nordics

Dec 2021

Anna Felländer spoke at CDAO Nordics Think Tanks in December 2021. This virtual event brought together the Nordics’ most senior data and analytics leaders, where audience met speaker on equal terms to exchange ideas in order to accelerate their journey with data, analytics and AI. Anna shared her insights on how companies can work to achieve fair, […]

AI for Good Global Summit

Nov 2021

Program Manager Andrea Risberg took part of a panel discussion on data ecosystems, as part of the global summit on AI for Good. She discussed key considerations in order to preserve privacy when using and sharing data, specifically focusing on the employment industry.

5G Sustainability Awards

Nov 2021

3 Sverige launched a 5G Sustainability Awards. AI Sustainability Center, through Anna Felländer, was happy to be part of the initiative as part of the judge panel who selected the winner.

Epicenter Health Tech Week

Oct 2021

Anna Felländer was keynote speaker at Epicenter Health & MedTech Innovation Week, speaking about how AI is transforming the health care sector.

Epicenter Retail Talks

Oct 2021

Program Manager Andrea Risberg took part of Epicenter Retail Talks, together with other experts on AI in retail. She spoke about AI trends in the retail industry and what companies should consider in order to be ethical and trustworthy.

Data Innovation Summit 2021

Oct 2021

Founder Anna Felländer was a keynote-speaker at Data Innovation Summit 2021. Anna discussed sustainable, trustworthy AI and how organisations can achieve it.    

Nordic Legal Tech Day

Oct 2021

Anna Felländer took part of a panel discussion on AI and Law at Nordic Legal Tech Day 2021, together with Christian Guttman, Daniel Westman and Caroline Snellman.

International Women in Business – Podcast

Jun 2021

Founder Anna Felländer was a guest on the International Women in Business Female Factor Podcast. Listen to the episode to hear about the EU proposal for AI regulation and her journey from working as a macroeconomist to founding the AI Sustainability Center and helping organizations to adopt sustainable AI solutions. Listen here:

Zigurat Innovation Week 2021

Jun 2021

AI Sustainability Center senior advisor, Jason Smith, participated in a panel discussion on digital business and AI as part of Zigurat Innovation Week. The conference spotlights technologies that solve real global challenges. 

EU:s nya lagförslag kring AI och dess implikationer på svenska myndigheter

Jun 2021

Vi presenterar vad lagförslaget innebär i sin helhet, men i synnerhet implikationer för svenska myndigheter. Utöver experter och forskare från AI Sustainability Center är särskilda gäster från Arbetsförmedlingen och Skatteverket med för att dela insikter kring hur myndigheter förbereder sig för lagstiftningen och hur de arbetar med etisk AI idag.

Telia Talks

Jun 2021

Anna Felländer was the keynote speaker for June’s Telia Talks, a digital seminar series on technology, digitalization, and innovation. She discussed how companies can face the ethical and societal challenges that must be addressed when new products and services using AI are developed, as well as new business models for the AI and data-driven era.

Women in AI Sweden

Jun 2021

Ingrid Stenmark and Ricardo Vinuesa spoke on a panel discussion hosted by Women in AI Sweden about AI solving sustainability challenges and the sustainable development goals for 2030.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK’s Tech Forum

Jun 2021

AI Sustainability Center participated in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK’s Tech Forum, a conference for Swedish-British tech professionals and investors. Anna Felländer spoke on a panel about the ethical dilemma related to AI. She discussed how we ensure a sustainable and effective use of AI whilst maintaining human values.

Lund University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship seminar “AI and the future of work”

Jun 2021

Lund University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship hosted a discussion on AI and its relation with human work. The session focused on how AI influences people working in organizations and the skills and competences relevant to the adoption of AI in the workplace.

Newsec Digitalization Webinar

Jun 2021

Anna Felländer spoke about sustainable AI as part of Newsec’s webinar on digitalization in the context of sustainability in the real estate industry.

Dagens industri Impact Summit

May 2021

AI Sustainability Center took part in Dagens industri Impact Summit together with entrepreneurs and change makers from Epicenter to discuss business models focused on solving global challenges and creating real impact for society at large.

KPMG Compliance Conference

May 2021

Anna Felländer was a keynote speaker at KPMG Greece’s Compliance Conference. Her session focused on the changing regulatory landscape for AI as well as frameworks for responsible AI.

Danske Bank & Reach for Change

May 2021

Anna Felländer joined experts across sectors for a roundtable discussion on innovative solutions for social change as part of Danske Bank and Reach for Change’s seminar on Tech as an enabler for social impact.

Upcoming EU regulation on artificial intelligence

Apr 2021

Anna Felländer, founder, and Christer Forsberg Philip, CEO, hosted a seminar providing a summary of the proposal and discussing possible implications for organizations. AI Sustainability Center affiliated researcher, Stefan Larsson, joined to share his perspective as an expert in the societal and legal dimensions of this policy development within data-driven technologies.

Nordic Innovation House Women inNovation Conference

Mar 2021

Founder, Anna Felländer, spoke about how AI is tied to tackling the challenges of gender bias during Nordic Innovation House – New York Women inNovation, a conference dedicated to closing the gap for women entrepreneurs to scale and grow their companies around the world.

European Union Economic and Social Committee

Feb 2021

Program Manager, Andrea Risberg, was invited to speak at the Digital Transition and Single Market Observatory of the European Economic and Social Committee. She presented the work we are doing at the AI Sustainability Center and our recommendations for future regulation on AI ethics based on our experience working with both public and private sector organizations. Special […]

Best of Sime Cinema: Humanity 2.0 by Max Tegmark

Dec 2020

Anna Felländer, founder, led a discussion on world famous physicist, cosmologist, author, and AI researcher, Max Tegmark’s 2018 Sime talk where he discussed AI’s promises, potential, and risks. She was joined in conversation with Luka Crnkovic-Friis, CEO, Peltarion, on how AI can be used responsibly and as a force for good. Watch the recording here.

Tillit eller tvång? Kunders förtroende för handelns datainsamling

Dec 2020

Affiliated researcher, Stefan Larsson, and founder, Anna Felländer, were part of an expert panel on the relationship between trust and transparency in the commerical collection of consumer data.

Sweden Innovation Days

Nov 2020

Elaine Weidman-Grunewald represented AI Sustainability Center on a panel with Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley during Sweden Innovation Days with Isha Bhatt, Chief Data Officer at Volvo Cars, Per Karlsson, Director of Media Research and Head of Ericsson Research Silicon Valley.

Sustainable AI: Applying trustworthy and ethical AI in practice

Oct 2020

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in the digital transformation, and in an increasingly digitalized world AI is becoming both an area of strategic importance and a key driver of economic development. On October 14th the New York City Swedish Consulate together with AI Sustainability Center and the New York Academy of Sciences hosted the […]

Bisnode Unleashed

Oct 2020

AI Sustainability Center founder, Anna Felländer, discussed collaborative data as an important trend in AI ethics along with Robin Teigland (KTH) and Johan Eriksson (Google) at the 2020 Bisnode Unleashed conference. Read the Bisnode data trend report here.

Ramboll Build Tech Day

Oct 2020

AI and algorithms redraw the rules of the game for community planning and promise new smart services in the wake of covid-19. At the same time, concerns are raised about monitoring and ethics. Anna Felländer, founder, Elena Fersman, Director of AI Research at Ericsson, and Michael Ross, Dynamic Action, discussed the ethical dimensions of AI and how […]

Avoiding Ethical Risks of AI: How Public Sector Organisations Can Work Responsibly

Oct 2020

As part of Innovationsveckan, Sweden’s Innovation Week, Anna Felländer, founder, and Andrea Risberg, program manager, presented our Vinnova project, Framework for Sustainable AI, a practical model for avoiding the ethical and societal risks of AI. They were joined by David Frydlinger, Ulrika Sanders Jonsson, and Johan Schauman who will share examples of responsible AI from […]

Hur undviker ni de etiska och juridiska riskerna i era AI-satsningar?

Sep 2020

Founder, Anna Felländer, and Cirio Law Firm managing partner, David Frydlinger, hosted a webinar on ways organizations can successfully navigate the ethical and legal risks in AI and other data driven ventures. Watch the recording here.

AI Summit London

Sep 2020

Elaine Weidman Grunewald represented AI Sustainability Center at the AI Summit London on a panel titled, “Tech for Good: Can AI empower NGOs and benefit social good?” and “Addressing human rights on AI principles: diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability.”

MetricStream Partner Talk with Anna Felländer

Aug 2020

Anna Felländer speaks about the MetricStream/AI Sustainability Center partnership and the benefits customers will gain from this joint offering.

Nordic Innovation Summit: Corporate Reinvention Through Sustainability Leadership Panel

May 2020

AI Sustainability Center led a session on sustainability leadership during Ericsson and the National Nordic Museum’s Nordic Innovation Summit. We were joined by Eva Karlsson, Founder, Houdini Sportswear, Kimberly Lein-Mathisen, General Manager, Microsoft Norway, and Osvald Bjelland, Founder, Xynteo.

Assessing and Mitigating AI Ethical and Societal Risk: Using the Right Tools

May 2020

AI Sustainability Center hosted a panel discussion during MetricStream’s GRC Summit about identifying the right tools to assess and mitigate ethical and societal risks in AI. We were joined by Fiona McPheat, Director of Enterprise Risk Management, Telia, Björn Elowson, Co-Founder, JobAgent, and Marisa Melliou, Chief Internal Auditor, OPAP. Watch the recording here.

AI i rekrytering med TRR och AI Sustainability Center

Mar 2020

What are the pros and cons of using AI in recruitment? This was one of the many questions asked when our partner TRR hosted a webinar on AI Sustainability and Recruitment. Prior to the webinar a survey was sent out to a broader HR community in Sweden which revealed that 80% of the respondents would […]

Women in Tech: Digital Dystopia and Utopia

Mar 2020

AI Sustainability Center participated in Stockholm’s Women in Tech conference as part of the Cybercom Group panel, “Digital Dystopia and Utopia.” Elaine Grunewald Weidman discussed the EU white paper on trustworthy AI.