This is where it’s at!

Screening, assessment, mitigation, auditing and reporting on one coherent platform to turn Ethical AI risks into opportunities. Going forward, see the current status of all your screenings and where you might need to speed things up for the full picture. Also, a reminder on how it all works.
Your journey in 4 steps

Set-up & screen

Before you screen for ethical AI risks, get ready by answering some questions about the AI use-case and/or your organization. Then, screen your organization and/or an AI use-case by answering questionnaires.


View performance & take action

View your ethical AI performance and get your recommended actions for risk mitigation. Take action according to the recommendations.


Re-screen and see risk reduction progress

Do a re-screen after the recommended actions are completed. You can thereby follow your journey towards responsible AI adoption across your organization.


Share and report

Share and report the progress to stakeholders both within and outside your organization.

On one coherent platform, we offer:

01. Screening: screen your AI solution for exposure to ethical pitfalls, root causes and organizational vulnerabilities.

02. Assessment: assess what ethical risks your AI solution is exposed to, and to what degree it might be harmful and lead to costly reputational breaches and/or legal breaches.

03. Mitigation: get tailored recommendations and mitigate your specific ethical risk exposure, e.g discrimmination or privacy intrusion.

04. Auditing: audit your ethical AI performance by re-screening the AI solution.

05. Reporting: report internally and externally, e.g board key risk indicators, yearly report, ESG performance.