Upcoming features


eAI Maturity Index

Receive a score and categorization of where your organization stands regarding ethical AI maturity. We follow a data-driven rule-based methodology to identify where your progress lies compared to others in the industry for achieving fundamentals of ethical AI.

Release: Q2 2022


EU Regulation Deep-dive

Complete this use-case Deep-dive screening to get a detailed break-down of your progress towards achieving key components specified within the upcoming EU AI regulation.

Release: Q3 2022


Mitigation module:
Fairness Tool

The fairness tool provides you with fair AI metrics based on your context to establish anti-discrimination policy and thresholds. Those new to fair AI are educated about domain while being asked about questions to narrow down which metrics must be used in their AI domain.

Release: Q4 2022


Mitigation module:
Unbiased Data

The data bias tool serves to educate, highlight, and remove sources of bias in your data which are activating your risks identified by your use-case scanning.

Release: Q4 2022


Mitigation module:

The explainability tool serves to educate and preview the best means to explain model predictions to your users based on your use-case context.



Come back soon and we will provide you an overview of how you compare to your performance across industry and within your own sector. These benchmark results will motivate your organization to get to the top of the industry and we encourage our best performers to make public where you stand to motivate others.


Internal Metrics

Build internal ethical AI performance metrics tailored for the unique principles and codes of your organization.