Human centred AI in the EU

The authors analyze several member states’ national AI strategies in order to determine the extent of which they have been influenced by European AI policy. Countries examined are Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Norway and the Nordic countries as a whole.

The anthology’s starting point is the European Commission’s approach on “trustworthy AI”, expressed in the European Commission’s guidelines for ethical and reliable AI, in the Commission’s 33 policy and investment recommendations for trustworthy AI, as well as in the Commission’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence. A central and guiding question is to what extent the elements of the Ethics Guidelines, such as ethical principles and key requirements, are displayed in the national strategy. Furthermore, the authors examine how countries talk about and promote AI in terms of applicability, consumer awareness, entrepreneurship, environmental concern and inequality.

Contributors: Stefan Larsson, Claire Ingram Bogusz, Jonas Andersson Schwarz, and Fredrik Heintz

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