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The Nordic Approach to Ethical AI

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, but the world is our oyster. Growing up with a high level of tech maturity in the Nordics, we are also part of an inclusive and collaborative culture, tradition, and society. Here, drivers like transparency, diversity, equality, integrity, democracy, consensus, and trust feeds into the fabric of society and company structures. This is further fuelled by flat, non-hierarchical formations and human interaction in organisations. It’s all part of our company DNA and enables a unique approach to responsible AI.

AI Sustainability Center of Excellence

We are a one-stop-shop for Ethical AI.

Together with multidisciplinary research teams from world-leading academic institutes, public and private organizations, and cutting edge tech scale ups, we are the AI Sustainability Center of Excellence. With our combined industry skill sets and joint ethical framework and service offerings, we bring ethical AI to all.

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