Past events & highlights

Sustainable AI as a component in ESG

Dec 2021

In December 2021, Anna Felländer and Swedish MEP Jörgen Warborn hosted a roundtable talk on Sustainable AI as a Component in ESG.

Guest speakers:
Olivia Gambelin, Founder and CEO, Ethical Intelligence
Giovanni Leoni, Digital Ethics, IKEA Range

GATE Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Forum

Dec 2021

The forum aims to share exciting scientific results and technological achievements, present diverse perspectives, create opportunities to connect to the research and innovation community and encourage new collaborations. Founder Anna Felländer joined the panel discussion on trustworthy, explainable and ethical AI.

CDAO Nordics

Dec 2021

Anna Felländer spoke at CDAO Nordics Think Tanks in December 2021. This virtual event brought together the Nordics’ most senior data and analytics leaders, where audience met speaker on equal terms to exchange ideas in order to accelerate their journey with data, analytics and AI.

Anna shared her insights on how companies can work to achieve fair, transparent and trustworthy AI solutions, resulting in faster market acceptance.


AI for Good Global Summit

Nov 2021

Program Manager Andrea Risberg took part of a panel discussion on data ecosystems, as part of the global summit on AI for Good. She discussed key considerations in order to preserve privacy when using and sharing data, specifically focusing on the employment industry.

5G Sustainability Awards

Nov 2021

3 Sverige launched a 5G Sustainability Awards. AI Sustainability Center, through Anna Felländer, was happy to be part of the initiative as part of the judge panel who selected the winner.

Epicenter Health Tech Week

Oct 2021

Anna Felländer was keynote speaker at Epicenter Health & MedTech Innovation Week, speaking about how AI is transforming the health care sector.

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