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EAIGG Annual Report

Oct 2022

Great contributions from our Founder Anna Felländer to the EAIGG annual report along with a number of practitioners from enterprise, startup, policy and investment.

Deployment of #AI has numerous advantages and it is simply revolutionary, however an ungoverned AI can be costly, financially and reputation wise. In this report the aim is to help and guide you and your organizations while navigating the opportunities and challenges which comes with deploying AI.
Read the full report here:

Anna Felländer’s contribution can be found in:

Page 39 with the scholarly paper on #AIethics “Achieving a Data-Driven Risk Assessment Methodology for Ethical AI”;

Page 115 with a blog post on the #EU #aiact; ”A GDPR moment” – Businesses across Europe are preparing for the AI Act.

PS Dagens: Hög tid att accelerera hållbar AI

Sep 2022

Utan rätt styrning av AI öppnas dörren för oavsiktliga kostsamma etiska och legala övertramp, som diskriminering, integritetskränkningar och social exkludering. Att redovisa hållbar och ansvarsfull AI behöver bli lika självklart som att redovisa miljömässig hållbarhet.

Det säger Josefin Rosén på SAS Institute och Anna Felländer på anch.AI, experter på AI-etik.

Full article:

Hög tid att accelerera hållbar AI

Under Femton podcast with Anna Felländer on Ethical AI

Jul 2022

In the 338th episode of the “Under 15” podcast, Henric Smolak is visited by AI expert and anch.AI’s Founder Anna Felländer. In the episode, they discuss ethical AI and why the need to govern technology as it increasingly takes over our lives and societies.

The full podcast is here or on Spofity


Discussing anch.AI with EU Commission’s Executive Vice President for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager

Jun 2022

Founder Anna Felländer discussing with EU Commission’s Executive Vice President for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age Margrethe Vestager the importance of cross functional governance on the anch.AI platform in order to comply to upcoming EU regulation on AI

“Digital World: Artificial Intelligence” Annual Event- the British National Standardization Institute (BSI)

May 2022

On Thursday May 26th, at the British National Standards Body (BSI) event on #AI, founder Anna Felländer spoke about the role of #artificialintelligence in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Data Innovation Summit 2022- Anna Felländer speaking about responsible AI

May 2022

Anna Felländer‘s presentation in the #datasummit2022 where she speaks about:

  •  Ungoverned AI risks such as privacy intrusion, discrimination, disinformation and lost autonomy,
  • Ethical risks and legal breaches resulting from ungoverned AI, such as data bias, mis-use/over-use of data and AI, immature data and creator’s bias,
  •  EU regulation on AI, expected in 2024 and requiring AI reporting and new governance structures,
  •  The need for high risk AI screening across organisations and to remedy root causes,
  •  anch.AI’s Ethical Governance Platform which helps organisations deploy AI in a way that’s true to their organisation’s values and brand while maintaining compliance with existing and upcoming regulation on AI.

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