The Platform

Organizational Orchestration of Ethical AI

On one coherent platform, we offer screening, assessment, mitigation, auditing and reporting of your exposure to ethical AI risks.

You can have the AI cake and eat it! Get your customized profile for ethical AI here.

Executing AI at the speed you need, while avoiding costly reputational risks and unintended legal breaches, is a tricky one for any organization. But it comes with great possibilities. If that is your task, we’re here to help.

The opportunity is to develop, implement and audit AI that is not just legally compliant but also in line with your organizational values. Whether your team is in tech/AI, risk/legal/compliance or in a product or business area – you can have the AI cake and eat it!

Let us show you how.

The Ethical AI Governance Platform

01. Screening: screen your AI solution for exposure to ethical pitfalls, root causes and organizational vulnerabilities.

02. Assessment: assess what ethical risks your AI solution is exposed to, and to what degree it might be harmful and lead to costly reputational breaches and/or legal breaches.

03. Mitigation: get tailored recommendations and mitigate your specific ethical risk exposure, e.g discrimmination or privacy intrusion.

04. Auditing: audit your ethical AI performance by re-screening the AI solution.

05. Reporting: report internally and externally, e.g board key risk indicators, yearly report, ESG performance.



Self assessment tool with dashboards presenting your ethical AI profile, such as root causes, accountable functions/roles and vulnerabilities towards responsible AI requirements.

Screen a specific AI solution for ethical pitfalls, and/or your entire organization for Ethical AI maturity.

• Choose additional deep dive lenses if needed
• Gender equallity
• Upcoming EU regulation on AI health check
• Human Rights



Our AI prediction and recommendation tools assess what ethical AI risk(s) you are exposed to.

Our gap analysis feature detect and measure potential deviations from your organizational values and guidelines in your AI solutions.



Get tailored recommendation as well as leverage mitigation tools based on your specific risk exposure. Choose from a variety of available tools, tailored for specific risks.



Re-screen your AI solution and/or your organization to validate risk reduction progress on your ethical AI performance. Verify your organization’s Ethical AI Performance continuously. Get a maturity benchmark for internal and external use.



Our reporting features are easily plugged in to your GRC platform or internal governance structures. For example:

• EU Regulation Compliance (upcoming EU regulation on AI 2024)
• Board key risk indicators on ethical AI performance
Compliance to selected standards
• ESG Reporting

Our Ethical AI Governance Platform is here.