AI Sustainability Center and Arbetsförmedlingen announce partnership to ensure a sustainable approach to digital transformation and use of AI in job matching

AI Sustainability Center and Arbetsförmedlingen announce partnership to ensure a sustainable approach to digital transformation and use of AI in job matching

Artificial intelligence, AI, is advancing at a rapid pace, in both public and private organizations as industries and sectors digitalize. The private sector aims to increase revenues and dramatically decrease costs, while many public agencies strive to increase efficiency and reach. In the public sector there is an added level of citizen trust that needs to be taken into account. As algorithms on large personal data sets are increasingly used by government agencies, there is a need for greater transparency in the process.

Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service, has goals to make the labor market more accessible to job seekers in Sweden, and to make job matching more efficient, in part through the use of AI and data driven technologies. The AI Sustainability Center and Arbetsförmedlingen are announcing a three year partnership to ensure that the AI transition is done in a way that considers the impacts on society together with other efficiency gains, and that risks are accounted for and mitigated early in the process.

“Arbetsförmedlingen has made technical advancements in the field of AI solutions. However, there are important and relevant questions that need to be answered concerning areas such as bias, privacy and transparency, as well as AI’s ability to make real time assessments and decisions. We are therefore happy to be part of this important partnership with the AI Sustainability Center,” says Filippa Jennersjö, CIO, at Arbetsförmedlingen.

“Our partnership opens up opportunities for us to receive valuable input from an extensive network of experts, as well as structured methodologies from which to explore these challenges. I look forward to our and the AI Sustainability Center’s continued progress as we tackle and find solutions to these important questions,” Jennersjö continues.

The partnership between Arbetsförmedlingen and the AI Sustainability Center will also address the broader challenges of creating accurate and high-quality data-driven AI solutions that support the labor market and enable efficiency gains. The objective is to find ways of allocating the most effective measures for job seekers and the most efficient ways for employers to find the skills and the labor they need, while minimizing societal and ethical risks, the ultimate goal is to assure trust in the system by all its stakeholders.

“Arbetsförmedlingen are demonstrating great leadership in understanding the benefits and limits with AI. Being proactive in addressing challenges will be key to avoiding unnecessary risks. As a public sector agency, the stakes are high, and being a first mover will be crucial in maintaining public trust.” – Anna Felländer, Co-founder, AI Sustainability Center.

Organizations are increasingly using algorithms and predictive analytics for a variety of processes, and it is crucial that development and implementation of AI is governed with a sustainable and ethical lens. Public agencies play a crucial role in sustainable development of AI and its effects on the labor market. The increased use of AI needs to be done in an ethical, safe, transparent, and secure way. The AI Sustainability Center and Arbetsförmedlingen will embark on joint projects and initiatives by applying the AI Sustainability Center’s framework, as well as the multidisciplinary and multistakeholder lens.

About the AI Sustainability Center
The AI Sustainability Center provides a Nordic approach to responsible and purpose-driven technology, with the aim of creating a world-leading center for identifying, measuring and governing ethical implications of AI. The AI Sustainability Center is a collaborative, research-focused environment for piloting and testing Al sustainability strategies and frameworks, and a multidisciplinary hub to address the scaling of AI in broader ethical and societal contexts. The Center’s unique composition, which brings together companies, academic institutions, public agencies and civil society, intends to ensure a broad and deep exchange on issues that affect us all.

About Arbetsförmedlingen
Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service, is a government-funded agency working on behalf of the Swedish parliament and government. Our main mission is to provide em­ployment services to jobseekers and employers, prioritizing long-term unemployed and those most vulnerable on the labor market, and to contribute to a stable long-term increase of employment.

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