anch.AI launches new services on its ethical AI governance platform

anch.AI launches new services on its ethical AI governance platform

anch.AI launches new services on its SaaS platform giving organizations full control of their AI risks and also to be able to assess how their AI solutions stand up to upcoming EU legislation.

anch.AI’s new services enable organizations to visualize, control, report and monitor their exposure to AI ethical risks, both within departments and geographical units, as well as with their suppliers and vendors. This provides full risk control throughout the ecosystem. The platform also offers a service that prepares organizations for the EU’s upcoming regulation for AI.

As AI adoption accelerates, the technology poses ungoverned risks such as unintentional discrimination, privacy intrusion, misinformation as well as legal breaches. The root causes are for example bias in data, a low degree of transparency and an inability to foresee how the AI solution scales up in a social and ethical context.

AI solutions are often developed in an organizational silo without integrated technical, legal, ethical and business-related oversight, which opens the door to costly and damaging risk for the business. The anch.AI governance platform helps organizations deploy AI in a way that’s true to their organization’s values and brand while maintaining compliance with existing and upcoming regulation on AI.

“The CEO bears the ultimate responsibility and boards will increasingly request key risk indicators to control for AI risks, and stricter legal requirements are expected. The collaboration functionality on the platform between the IT, legal and business teams is the key to ensuring that all risks are identified and that business-critical decisions are validated,”says founder Anna Felländer.

The sanctions of violations of future AI regulation within the EU will amount up to six percent of revenues. In addition, there are costly investments that may be withdrawn, as well as reduced trust and a damaged brand.

The platform collects specific information from three perspectives – the technical, the legal and the business – to visualize, report and monitor how AI solutions stand up to legislation and expectations of ethical responsibility. Updates take place continuously as new compliance and regulatory measures are introduced. In this way, the platform becomes indispensable for organizations and companies with large user or customer bases. anch.AI sees a clear convergence between authorities and large companies today:

“We have the highest standards and can’t afford any kind of ethical risk exposure in our AI projects. anch.AI is a trusted partner of three years, supporting us to achieve ethical AI through transparency and alignment across our organization.”says Göran Sundin, AI Strategist at the Swedish Tax Agency.

“The upcoming EU regulation on AI will require cross-functional engagements and new governance around AI. anch.AI is a crucial partner for us to prepare and audit our AI.”, Says Beatrice Sablone, Chief Digital Officer at the Swedish Public Employment Service.

“AI moves ever closer to the heart of any larger corporation’s digital transition. anch.AI dismantles silos between tech, business and legal through its intuitive framework. This is a crucial step to move beyond compliance and into AI solutions worthy of a sustainable digital future for corporations and end-users alike.”, says Patrik Rosenberg, Vice President Business Development at Combient Mix.

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